Given the new Contacts Car, Day 7 Direct Nikah

Every human being is created in pairs. Every man is born into the earth must be accompanied by his or her spouse, and vice versa. However, what happens in real life is difficult to find the couple.
Various ways for someone to get a pair that fit the criteria. One of them joined an online dating site that is currently interested in a lot of people.
Some people choose modern and practical way to easily get a pair, as did a sports presenter named Rey Utami.

Unlike most people who have the bad luck with various cases when you meet someone on an online dating site. This beautiful girl was lucky even to get to know the figure of Pablo Son Continent in Tinder

Love Story  

You would not believe if Rey Utami and Pablo only need seven days to ensure their relationship to the level of marriage, right?
Amazingly, a day after meeting, Rey Utami even bought a luxury car type Honda HRV by a man he knew in the Tinder. Then, on the third day Rey again received a prize of luxury watches Hermes.
The story of this pair continues on the fourth day, Pablo decided to apply Rey. The next day a beautiful girl was met with both parents Pablo. On the sixth day they prepared the wedding and on the day of the seventh, they were married in Depok.

Name Rey Utami indeed we often hear when bringing sporting events, especially football in various private television Homeland. Meanwhile, Pablo Putera Continent is a former member of parliament of North Sumatra Province from 2009 to 2014. But now he ran for mayor of Medan period 2015-2022.
Although seemingly in a hurry, but they seem to have been convinced for a foster home together. Welcome a new life for Rey and Pablo.

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