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How To Enjoy The Rain

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2018
The rain that soaks everything. Including roads, following the vehicle and its people. Not why wet momentary, yet earnest rain is a blessing from Him ....

When you're enjoying the rain at home, then a cup of hot black coffee can be a friend that good. Drink it mouthful by mouthful, while listening to the rhythm of the rain that is rhythmic presence. Ahaiiii! When you're on the road, again motoran, so do not over coffee. Just imagine lah yaa ....: P

DAY Lately they often raining, right? Okay. Before the drought finally truly arrived, it is important now that I for tips on how to enjoy the rain. Hehehe .... Even for me, the rain should be enjoyed with a set of specific procedures. Hmmm. Bit lebay indeed. But not why. Lebay is one way to get better post-my post. Not cypress. Opps!
Okay. There are five points that should be done, if you want to enjoy to the fullest rain. But 'ntar maximum prize instead of the handsome, you know, yes. The prize is the maximum productive ....! Hahaha .... Okay. We went straight to the point by point, yes.
FIRST, prayed fervently and sincerely; hopefully the rain that fell was rain fruitful and full of blessings. You who are Muslims would have been well aware of this problem.
SECOND, bikinlah cup of hot coffee. If I still like the thick, dark and slightly sweet ... when make, stir slowly with a full appreciation and love. Most authentic anyway while remembrance Ya Rahman Ya Raheem.
THIRD, throw away all thoughts of hatred and fury against rain; lha wong been praying and behind Stand you make coffee I still furious? Anyway it goes without confusion gegara pakian in all dry yet. 'Kan can still buy a new one? Unable to buy cash yes credit. Easy going lah ....
Fourth, find a place to sit that if you feel the most comfortable. This cozy criteria are not exposed to rain and splashed water can freely watching the rain.
FIFTH, after sitting comfortably, immediately gather all the sense of being and all who attended the mind. Mix in a dose formula fitting, to be summarized in a poem ... or it could be a piece of short stories, novels ....
Hahaha ... This is my version of how to enjoy the rain. If according to your side of what?

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